Peaceable [adjective]

Definition of Peaceable:

friendly, serene

Synonyms of Peaceable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peaceable:

Sentence/Example of Peaceable:

Peaceable Ambrose would have remonstrated, but Stephen was implacable.

I am peaceable, and don't get up rows with people that ain't doing nothing to me.

"Been gone two minutes," he remarked, with a peaceable yawn.

We can live in friendship with only peaceable honourable people.

It is not their want of courage that renders them so peaceable, for their valour is well known.

The district in Mr. Balfour's time was pleasant and peaceable.

Your own people, the people of Germany, are a peaceable, home-loving people.

He was as quiet-spoken as the Colonel, and as precise, and as peaceable.

When once he's down that way, he lies as peaceable as a lamb.'

They are peaceable, kindly folk and would have seen me shot with extreme satisfaction.