Deliberate [adjective]

Definition of Deliberate:


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Sentence/Example of Deliberate:

Nearly a year later, the eight-team conference is facing a rising tide of frustration as it deliberates whether to hold a spring season.

The limitations baked into SKADNetwork are as intricate as they are deliberate.

Regardless of who you are, though, I believe we can all benefit from a more deliberate approach to how we spend our screen time.

You recommend having a “brief but deliberate conversation” about college merit aid with your eighth grader a couple of months after grammar-school graduation.

Republicans on the panel all denounced Greene’s remarks but called for a more deliberate approach to taking action against her.

These IRL role models are mothers by physical birth, adoption, marriage or other deliberate choices.

We’ve been deliberate about casting a wider net when recruiting to ensure that who we look like as a company is more reflective of the world and the people our clients engage with.

“Based on recent analysis, it appears that there have been deliberate attempts to manipulate the movie’s audience score,” Reynolds said.

Chongqing is another highlight, a deliberate throwback to the old Hong Kong levels of the original PC release.

The phased rollout marks a more deliberate, targeted approach by the SBA and Treasury Department to distributing the latest round of PPP funds.