Meticulous [adjective]

Definition of Meticulous:

excessively careful; painstaking; scrupulous; detailed, perfectionist

Synonyms of Meticulous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meticulous:

Sentence/Example of Meticulous:

At least in his early works, he was meticulous in his research.

He was a thin and meticulous man, and he operated his ship with mechanical perfection.

It is impossible to give you an idea of such a meticulous neatness.

Casey nervously undid a shoelace, retieing it with meticulous care.

They spare him the trouble of meticulous investigation of unimportant facts.

We must be artists as well as meticulous classifiers, cataloguers, and reasoners.

Their art lames and cripples them with a thousand meticulous scruples.

Miller, quiet and meticulous, delicately tuned the beam control.

Then, with meticulous care, she began the business of unpacking.

No; the idea was absurd, as he was most meticulous in his observation of the conventions.