Punctual [adjective]

Definition of Punctual:

on time

Opposite/Antonyms of Punctual:



Sentence/Example of Punctual:

Thompson came early on the following day, punctual to his appointment.

She lived by habit, by the punctual fulfillment of her expectation.

You may be punctual in that to half a second on the clock, and yet be Bankrupt.

He will find me punctual and vigilant, and anxious to do what is right.

To be punctual does not mean to be too early, but to be just early enough.

"I was waiting for you, my friend; you are late, you who are so punctual as a rule," said Constance.

"I shall be punctual," the student said briefly; and so the two parted.

It may be guessed that I was punctual, and my reception by his excellence was most flattering.

I accepted his friendly invitation, and was punctual to the appointment.

Behind these was the agent, punctual and pertinacious, who had come for the rent.