Periodic [adjective]

Definition of Periodic:

at fixed intervals

Opposite/Antonyms of Periodic:

Sentence/Example of Periodic:

The periodic or compensating errors of the planets is another instance.

The periodic time of the moon is the interval required for one circuit of its orbit.

But what was his surprise to observe that these alterations were not of an annually periodic character.

His hopes for the best had been but periodic interruptions to a chronic fear of the worst.

Juno was to at once begin her first contribution to periodic literature.

The periodic time of the earth is 365 days, omitting the quarter day.

"I suppose we could have periodic conferences," Plekhanov said.

They may, indeed, have quite a different origin from that of the periodic meteors.

These periodic flip-flops of the Social Pie are called Revolutions.

In runners and hunters the disease is liable to be periodic.