Regular [adjective]

Definition of Regular:

normal, common

Opposite/Antonyms of Regular:

Sentence/Example of Regular:

It will not even be a regular history in the accepted sense of the word.

It was one of the regular delights of the household to see them bathe.

The stairway was very narrow, and formed a regular spiral as in a turret.

For the remainder of that day, poor George was in a regular whirl of excitement.

The sungar was a regular trap, and the company were ordered to retire.

The bayonets glisten in a regular line of blue-white points.

"Well, it's a regular Napoleon hat," exclaimed the Colonel, much pleased.

"We're going to have a regular little tea-party," said the Colonel.

I daresay she's right, old chap, only I'd like to be regular myself.

The next spring he hired me regular and give me wages every month.