Orthodox [adjective]

Definition of Orthodox:

accepted, traditional

Opposite/Antonyms of Orthodox:

Sentence/Example of Orthodox:

I don't know what the orthodox people ever wanted to get up their theory of a hell for.

I can also enjoy the orthodox Liberal, though I understand him only too well.

I can enjoy the orthodox Tory, though I could never understand him.

By a regular priest and bishop, sir;--orthodox and dignified clergymen!

She had been devoted to Macedonius, and often interceded for the orthodox.

He allows nothing in his opinions and phrases but what is orthodox.

It is an orthodox Socratic position, but Godwin was not a student of Plato.

The orthodox recalled Paul; the Arians consecrated Macedonius.

“God,” answered Carl glibly, as if that must be the only orthodox answer.

He never, if he is orthodox, contemplates it for a moment as a thing to be even desired.