Admitted [verb]

Definition of Admitted:

allow entry or use

Synonyms of Admitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admitted:

Sentence/Example of Admitted:

So, it comes as no surprise that the ultra-smart Smith would admit to mouthing other performers’ dialogue in scenes during the beginning run of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Looking back on her idyllic childhood, Dugdale admitted it “was very good training in rifle practice.”

Claiming a mea culpa, Smith admitted during their sit-down that he made it difficult for Hubert, who never revealed her personal struggles to her co-workers.

Converting from a Ravens-style 3-4 to a Tampa 2-based 4-3 requires extensive changes in personnel, as Eberflus admitted in a town hall meeting after his hiring.

The police report noted that Arrudasouza had uttered a spontaneous confession admitting to the crime and that methamphetamine had influenced the events.

After all, if you can’t admit defeat when you lose, maybe you shouldn’t play the game.

According to the settlement, Apple didn’t admit any wrongdoing.

“We need to confront traditions and admit that they are designed to keep the status quo moving forward,” she said.

They admit their feelings and decide together to abandon their plan.

Susan, who was 63 and had no preexisting health conditions, was admitted the day after Nene passed away.