Unconventional [adjective]

Definition of Unconventional:

very different; odd

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconventional:

Sentence/Example of Unconventional:

Yes, I love even the unconventional conventions of the place.

His first words were as unconventional as they were unexpected.

But there is a distinct danger in trying to be ever so unconventional and all that.

Only one thing was unchanged, and that was the frank, unconventional manner.

I may be badly mannered and unconventional, but I have feelings and pride like other women.

Their manners and customs, while lively and unconventional, are most charming.

I feel so delightfully vicious when I drink it, so unconventional!

You perhaps find the life here too unrestrained and unconventional?

His was the heroic, and also the unconventional soul of the family.

So they plodded on, enjoying the unconventional life and the scenery on the way.