Eccentric [adjective]

Definition of Eccentric:

bizarre, unusual

Opposite/Antonyms of Eccentric:

Sentence/Example of Eccentric:

He’s been around long enough to know that life is much more eccentric than he is.

Boston Dynamics, the company best known for eccentric videos of animal-like machines, has upgraded its classic robotic dog Spot.

They bonded in their love of the Bills and of the eccentric.

While a planet on a circular orbit moves at a constant speed around the star, planets on eccentric orbits move faster when they are closer to the star.

Soon after, the eccentric and apparently sleepless billionaire tweeted a series of other messages about Bitcoin.

Lorenzo Dow is still remembered by some of the "old fogies" as one of the most eccentric men that ever lived.

From all the accounts that have come down to us, he seems to have been a man of irregular habits and eccentric genius.

John N. Maffit, the well known and eccentric methodist preacher, died at Mobile.

He is simply an eccentric Scot, who does not see why he should pay for crossing a river that he can cross for nothing.

But the man inside these voluminous clothes is even still more eccentric.