Capricious [adjective]

Definition of Capricious:

given to sudden behavior change

Opposite/Antonyms of Capricious:

Sentence/Example of Capricious:

The nose more particularly appears and disappears in a capricious way in the drawings of the same child.

But this sudden blow was a reminder that fate had been capricious to spoiled darlings before.

Mariamne had grown more fantastic, and capricious, and wayward than ever.

There was also a moral reaction, and the boy became capricious, irritable, and unlike his former self.

No, give me deserts or precipices,—anything fixed and solid is better than this capricious, ever-changing sea.

But the Ocean is a capricious old fellow, who takes all shapes and sings in many voices.

The merchant would no longer expose his cargoes to the mountainous billows and capricious gales of the Antarctic seas.

They are petulant, capricious, and despite their apparent energy they accomplish nothing.

For example, what could be so absurd as the natural realization of some of these capricious ornaments?

In each pavilion lived a porter; for the king's extremely capricious pleasure required a porter by day and by night.