Moody [adjective]

Definition of Moody:

crabby, temperamental

Opposite/Antonyms of Moody:

Sentence/Example of Moody:

“You are too transcendental for me,” growled Ossipon, with moody concern.

A solitary ruffian, indeed, is moody, but a gang of ruffians are jovial.

The premier and some of his colleagues observed, however, a moody silence.

He was silent and moody, and almost gruff on some occasions.

But what he had just witnessed plunged his thoughts into a moody channel.

The patient Kaiser in truth dealt nobly with the moody old man.

"No," he returned, in a low voice, and looked away from her with a moody brow.

Barnes stood with his hands in his pockets, his face downcast and moody.

The Padre watched the steam rising from the kettle with moody eyes.

Kasia, left with the Prince, glanced into his moody and downcast face.