Offended [adjective]

Definition of Offended:


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Sentence/Example of Offended:

I know it is a strange thing to ask you, but I hope you will not be offended.

"I was afraid I had offended you or displeased you," she said.

Gypsy would have nothing to do with her, and sniffed the air with offended dignity.

Indeed, I fear that assailing none, I may have offended all.

And with an air of offended dignity she passed them, and quitted the room.

This put him in good humour with himself, and with the clerk who had offended him.

Offended, he offered to rise and go, but changed his mind and sat tight in hope.

Now, on one occasion, Morgan had offended one of these bards.

You will not be offended by my recalling this, after twenty years?'

"I ought to be offended," said Betty, and instantly kissed her hand in return.