Exasperated [verb]

Definition of Exasperated:

upset, provoke

Synonyms of Exasperated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exasperated:

Sentence/Example of Exasperated:

At times, Bradford sounded exasperated by the pressure he was getting on all sides.

This exasperated the students so that they began one of those demonstrations for which Paris is famous.

Seymour, exasperated by finding that no party was inclined to support his pretensions, spoke with extravagant violence.

Gila Bend had exasperated him because it was not the town it called itself, but a huddle of adobe huts.

But who knows; he was perhaps more exasperated by ill fortune, delirium, or despair, than really bad at heart.

At other places, exasperated at the chiefs of the episcopal party, the communiers were demolishing their fortified houses.

The second line of the enemy's works was assaulted; but, exasperated by their losses, the Rebels fought fiercely.

How much stiffness and jerkiness exasperated him may be judged from what Madame Zaleska related to M. Kleczynski.

But this only exasperated the old man the more, and he made a lunge at the confidence man's throat.

In fact, it seemed that her temper, exasperated perhaps by a sense of her misfortune, was by no means equal to her abilities.