Dour [adjective]

Definition of Dour:

gloomy, grim

Synonyms of Dour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dour:

Sentence/Example of Dour:

Occasionally dour analyst Stacy Rasgon at Bernstein Research tried to temper the joy somewhat.

Gin and short dresses defeated dour concern with the world’s problems.

The dour among us might point out that such parallels can only go so far.

He reached the town in a dour mood of unrest, spite of the promise of wealth he carried in his pocket.

After daring and trying and tiring, these dour men eventually turned adre, which is Cornish for homeward.

Thornton's as dour as a door-nail; an obstinate chap, every inch on him,—th' oud bulldog!'

Through the garden with lowered eyes, past a dour-looking priest with a small paunch.

Possibly these melancholy matters heightened the dour mood of my new friend, who stayed silent.

She set her lips firmly, and there crept into her face a certain "dour" look that may have come from her Scottish ancestors.

From this point of view the witness, a dour, grey figure of a man, refused to be driven by cross-examination.