Cheery [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cheery:

Watching them, it really does feel like the world is waiting for us to come back to it, as though these cheery holiday spaces are still out there somewhere, if only we could find them.

The entrepreneurs’ permanent roost, in a former pizza joint, is easy to spot, thanks to buckets of hot pink paint on the facade and a cheery neon sign.

She then started making cheery cries and it followed up by gleeful dancing atop a platform.

Soon heavy feet are heard trooping up the stairs; doors are heard to bang; cheery voices wish each other good-night.

Jack said in his cheery way as he came up with the boy, whose ungracious answer was, "How do you know my name is Tom?"

He met Jack occasionally, and always received a bow of recognition and a cheery "How are you, Tom?"

A younger and tidier Uncle James, indeed—the same cheery manner, the same robust integrity, and the same small ambition.

The bird had such a cheery, brave voice that the man felt better the moment he flew in.

Every day the man talked with the bird, for he was always near, and his cheery voice and brave words gave the man courage.

I felt suddenly cold, and the cheery face of Mrs. Temple was the face of a stranger.