Unhappy [adjective]

Definition of Unhappy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unhappy:

Sentence/Example of Unhappy:

And were you as unhappy as you expected to be during this visit?

But, my daughter, why is it that the commands of Phidias would have made you unhappy?

It was this refusal which made Halbert discontented and unhappy.

“Alack for the unhappy lads; and alack for those who egged them on,” said the priest.

The unhappy woman, to whom I had specially come, was smitten indeed.

If he left the room she was restless, unhappy till he came back.

Many a dismal and unhappy tale might be wrought out of its other adventures.

She is living a most unhappy life, and of course she shadows our lives also.

All that seemed to be necessary to win K.'s attention was to be unhappy enough.

Love has conquered us, and I—I shall never again be unhappy!