Bleeding [verb]

Definition of Bleeding:

cause blood to flow

Synonyms of Bleeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bleeding:


Sentence/Example of Bleeding:

He had perhaps placed in her hand the weapon that should hasten his own defeat, stretch him bleeding on the sand.

Time and time again did the enemy charge upon the guns, only to be flung back, bleeding and torn.

When bleeding piles are absent, blood-streaks upon such a stool point to carcinoma.

Joseph's brain emptied, fortunately; a man would not want to know that he was tacked to a chair, bleeding to death.

Down crashed the chair, and down went Marius, stunned and bleeding, under its terrific blow.

But each succeeding moment the song grew more faint as head after head fell, and the bleeding bodies were piled side by side.

Head after head fell into the basket, and the pile of bleeding trunks rapidly increased in size.

He was one of the men to whom alkali is a constant poison, and his lips were always cracked and bleeding.

Yes, it was bleeding; I could see in the moonlight that it was not perspiration because my hand was dark red.

At this Kari lifted his bleeding trunk and smote down the first tree, and then he struck down the next tree.