Sorry [adjective]

Definition of Sorry:

remorseful, regretful

Synonyms of Sorry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sorry:

Sentence/Example of Sorry:

"I am sorry you couldn't agree with Halbert Davis, Robert," she said, with a sigh.

Which was very ugly in me, and I cried afterwards and told her how sorry I was.

I—I think that's all—and I'm sorry we're not—our families are not to be friends any more.

She is a fine mare, and I am sorry to lose her, but we cannot help it.

I forgive you, if you are sorry for the fault, and my arms are ready to receive you.

I am sorry my case is so circumstanced, that I cannot comply.

I'm sorry I asked the little brute, but I couldn't avoid it.

They were sorry for the little white-faced, palpitating thing.

She's that sorry, God help her, you wouldn't know the thing she'd do.

I am sorry he made such a smash at last, but it is all that could be expected.