Softened [verb]

Definition of Softened:

calm, soothe

Synonyms of Softened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Softened:

Sentence/Example of Softened:

"Not now," said Mr Clayton, softened by my returning warmth.

Then, abruptly, the blue eyes were softened in their fires, as by the sudden nearness of tears.

Along the eastern front of these nations it was softened to "Zowie!"

But that night, all at once, she felt her heart was softened by some inexplicable happiness.

He was almost completely enveloped in a robe of softened skins.

But you must hear the truth; you have heard it from others, but perhaps they softened it.

He gave me a hundred other very good, wise reasons which softened me.

In those few months my mind had matured and the brusqueness of my will was softened.

Through the sheen a softened outline of the town wavered fantastically.

Turl watched her face, with a softened, wistful, perplexed look on his own.