Attenuated [verb]

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However, it’s difficult to produce live-attenuated vaccines for more complicated pathogens, like bacteria and fungi.

It could become more deadly or it could attenuate and disappear, like the common cold.

That means that it’s the virus which has been attenuated, which means the harmful properties have been removed, but it’s the whole virus.

Most vaccine development labs “grow viruses up, and then inactivate them or attenuate them,” says Robert Langer, ScD ’74, an Institute Professor and Moderna’s academic cofounder.

Such of the sound waves is pass through the second nick will become attenuated in charging the chamber B.

Beneath those robes must have been a body as attenuated as a skeleton, as different as an insect's from man's.

Dr. Henry Brodrick was a tall, attenuated John, with a slightly, ever so slightly receding chin.

Sahib, what could my attenuated and wasted frame do against men who had suffered no misery like mine?

Harvey glanced rather contemptuously at the lean, attenuated arm that the other displayed, where he had rolled his cuffs back.

Indeed, in physical formation they are inferior to them, for they are small and attenuated.