Thin [adjective]

Definition of Thin:

fine, light, slender

Opposite/Antonyms of Thin:

Sentence/Example of Thin:

The thin examiner held the high office of deacon of the church.

His voice was thin, but it kept that line of hands high above their heads.

"Rose campion," she said, parting the stems with her long, thin fingers.

He took it up and tried to read, but the print swam into thin, black smudges.

She was thin, thinner than ever, and stiff as if she had withered.

"You're as thin as a starved—wolf," she said, and closed her eyes and shuddered.

The major took him again, and carried him up the stair—so thin and light was he.

He's a plebeian from his thick shoe soles to his thin hair; but he's honest.

You remember that thin weaver who was our neighbor, don't you, brother?

We hear of no more disturbances; the fact was that the audiences were too thin to be noisy.