Slim [verb]

Definition of Slim:

lose weight

Synonyms of Slim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slim:


Sentence/Example of Slim:

Sidney considered, poking a slim finger into the little holes in the box.

"Yes, that was another of Jack's fool schemes," put in Slim.

Slim made a few hasty passes at his hair and said he was ready.

Linda folded her slim hands on the table and leaned forward.

The Countess knows—and have Slim bring something to carry him home on.

Slim columns of smoke rose straight into the motionless air.

She did not expect to see a stout, middle-aged man, but a slim youth.

He is a man of a slim, but wiry figure, about five feet ten inches in height.

It was from Befillaire—the young, the slim, the low-voiced—her own Befillaire.'

Dario was a handsome man, of average height, slim and elegant.