Concentrated [adjective]

Definition of Concentrated:

condensed, reduced

Synonyms of Concentrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concentrated:

Sentence/Example of Concentrated:

Unlike ground-based observations, orbiters can peer into the atmosphere and would have a better time observing how phosphine or other potential biosignatures change over time or over what regions they are most concentrated.

It’s just that they are overwhelmingly being paid by poor people and people living in poor countries, the ones living next to toxic incinerators, gathering plastic waste, and living with the most concentrated air and water pollution.

Some industries, including communication equipment, computers, and textiles, have grown two to three times more geographically concentrated over this period.

Daytime running lights, like the Bontrager Flare RT, have a different, more concentrated beam pattern for higher visibility in bright light.

Testing is becoming more concentrated in wealthier areas in Philadelphia, and we have observed a similar pattern in Chicago and New York.

As seawater throbs through this plumbing, the stream of food particles grows more concentrated as it approaches the animal’s mouth.

Designed by the great Archimedes himself, the weapon setup possibly entailed a series of mirrors that collectively reflected concentrated sunlight onto the Roman ships.

You’d have to do frequent water changes because when the gametes—or reproductive cells—get too concentrated and deteriorate, it causes the water quality to crash.

Napoleon himself arrived at Wrzburg on October 2nd, and found his army concentrated, but deficient of supplies.

The idea was that a concentrated movement should be made against the Allies through the Apennines.