Stuffed [adjective]

Definition of Stuffed:


Synonyms of Stuffed:

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Sentence/Example of Stuffed:

He stuffed his pipe again with fine tobacco and bark of red willow and began.

She stuffed her fingers into her ears to shut out the sound of her brother's cries.

We stuffed the pink dainties with mint, and baked them in balls of clay.

A shoulder of veal may be stuffed and roasted in a similar manner.

They may he stuffed with force-meat and roasted, basting them with butter.

Somebody been demonstrating that your doll's stuffed with sawdust, Tracey?

He stuffed his pipe carefully, pressing down the tobacco with the tip of a finger.

Lorenzi stuffed the purses into his tail-pockets, and was about to leave, still silent.

It always seemed to me as though she were stuffed, and as though she moved by machinery.

With that he grabbed up the deed an' stuffed it into his pocket.