Starved [adjective]

Definition of Starved:


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Sentence/Example of Starved:

My arms have starved for you so—do you think they're going to loosen now?

"Poor chap's only starved to death," said Mrs. Gwilt-Athelstan.

I'd been whipped, an' starved, an' I was always prayin', 'Oh!

The hunger for the manhunt is like the hunger for food, and Bill Dozier had been starved for many a day.

"You're as thin as a starved—wolf," she said, and closed her eyes and shuddered.

You are going to pay me for the five years I have starved making money for you—that, too!

They'd rather have starved their summer church in the Adirondacks than nursed it with my help!

Then I asked to earn my bread; but without you I might have starved.

He first starved, and then tricked me; and if I could I'd kill him.'

But for him, I should have starved in that long illness I had, when the office would have me no longer.