Spare [adjective]

Definition of Spare:

extra, reserve

Synonyms of Spare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spare:

Sentence/Example of Spare:

Spare me not, therefore, my dear friend, whenever you think me in the least faulty.

We employed our spare time in gymnastics, in turning, and in rambles.

For her part, she was busy and could not spare time to gossip.

Touching the moneys, there is enough and to spare until we reach Montaubon.

Alleyne, you will come with me, and lead a spare horse by the bridle.

In any case it may want to make a noise more than to spare your feelings.

There are trees and to spare over yonder, but we have scarce leisure to make for them.

I rejoice to hear that she now wishes to spare her father, but—you will pardon me, Burke?

They telegraphed from New York that we were to spare no expense; and we haven't.

So says I to myself: 'I'll help Mr. Yates to spare no expense.