Unused [adjective]

Definition of Unused:

not used

Synonyms of Unused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unused:


Sentence/Example of Unused:

Unused to expressing herself in public, she seemed to be feeling her way.

Indeed, he was so unused to looking at her that he might well have forgotten her outward appearance.

His mind was all unused to study, and—that day he didn't show her.

His little black mare had a daughter, not unused to the saddle.

Unused to encounter difficulty, he for a time imagined them insurmountable.

Imogen had been unused to the distinctions of rank and precedence.

Unused to refusal, the natural mildness of her temper inclined to comply.

My stacks of unused notes remind me of how much I have had to leave out.

She did not want to vex Geoff, but she was unused to any but straightforward replies.

Behind the barn lay an unused trough, made for feeding pigs.