Threadlike [adjective]

Definition of Threadlike:

like a thread

Synonyms of Threadlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Threadlike:


Sentence/Example of Threadlike:

It was an infinitely fine, threadlike projection from the surface of the planet.

A filament is that which is threadlike; as, the filament of silk, or flax.

Her high-arched, threadlike brows were ruffled into a delicious frown.

A slow movement of the bony fingers and the threadlike, silvery thing was withdrawn.

There are nine stamens, with threadlike filaments, often hairy, and a three-parted style with round-top stigmas.

The anthers are large and green at first, becoming small and yellow, their threadlike filaments curling.

There is no partition in the pods, which are on long, threadlike stalks; the ovary is superior and the seeds are kidney-shaped.

The ovary makes a purplish dot in the center, surrounded by curling, yellow anthers, with threadlike filaments united at base.

He knows that to find the threadlike entrance to the bay you bring the flag-staff over Cart-wright's barn.

A little later, we find among them one or two delicate pink, starry flowers on very slender, threadlike stems.