Stilt [adjective]

Definition of Stilt:

tall and thin

Synonyms of Stilt:

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Sentence/Example of Stilt:

For the glaze firing the tile should be placed flat on the stilt.

In this style of stilt (Type A, Plate 41) the uprights are held beneath the arm pits.

But he said he would do his best to run out the remainder on a stilt.

The speed that the stilt walkers attain is easily explained.

That of St. Basil, which is stilt retained by the Oriental monks; 2.

These birds are of the plover family, and might with propriety be called the stilt plovers.

The stilt breeds as far north as eastern Oregon, but is little seen north of southern California in the winter.

They fought with penknives and darning-needles, the battle lasted half an hour, and only one stilt was injured.

Up to recent years scarcely any merry-makings occurred in the villages of Gascony that were not accompanied with stilt races.

To-day the sight of a stilt walker is a curiosity almost as great at Bordeaux as at Paris.