Chubby [adjective]

Definition of Chubby:

slightly fat

Synonyms of Chubby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chubby:





Sentence/Example of Chubby:

Through photos and a live camera located in Brooks Falls, where these bears hunt for salmon, people can vote for who they think is the chubbiest of them all.

“It often results in them having these really chubby arms,” Keefe says.

Here Letty drew the coverlet from the face of the sleeping babe, and displayed his chubby proportions with maternal pride.

Mr. Peck raised his hands, palms upward, and then dropped them to his chubby knees with a sharp slap.

I found her sleeping sweetly, with one chubby hand under her rounded cheek.

Sydney is here, and is getting fat and chubby, a delightful little boy, and keeps us all very cheery.

Fina clapped her chubby hands together and climbed up into Leam's lap.

The Wrig made ready to howl with offended pride, but we soothed her, and she tore her yellow curls with her chubby hands.

“The scheme affects the dignity of the University,” went on the chubby youth, taking no notice of the question.

As soon as the tea was cleared away in the morning a stout, chubby-faced woman pushed her way into the room, always smiling.