Flabby [adjective]

Definition of Flabby:

baggy, fat

Synonyms of Flabby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flabby:







Sentence/Example of Flabby:

Music generally sounds flabbier through the Echo compared to the Nest Audio.

It is as much as I can do to prevent myself flinging my arms round the old shop-woman's neck and kissing her flabby cheeks.

When I hear (as I often do) some flabby boozer whining and ascribing his trouble to the drinkshop, I despise him.

His eyes had retreated deeper into the sockets, and his thick lips, once so firm and domineering, were loose and flabby.

The flabby hand laid the weapon in Crozier's lean and strenuous fingers.

The object had something of the form of a jester's bauble with points, which hung flabby and undulating.

The rather flabby lines of his face had abruptly hardened over the firm contour below.

The spawning fish, flabby and useless, are killed in winter.

They're cold and flabby, like cabbages, in spite of their prettiness.

The fat woman stuck her unhealthy, flabby, sleepy countenance out of the pane that opened.