Rusty [adjective]

Definition of Rusty:


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Sentence/Example of Rusty:

A few seconds more and he heard the creaking of rusty hinges.

But Mr Verloc was not in the least conscious of having got rusty.

If there are yellow streaks in the lean of the bacon, it is rusty, and unfit to eat.

Moreover, the coach suited the day: the rusty was in harmony with the dismal.

The door had not been opened in a number of years, and the hinges were rusty.

Neither am I scholar enough for it now; my learning has got rusty.

I'm sure I don't see anything so precious in the rusty old rubbish.'

Charles fed him as best he could, moving on rusty, creaking limbs.

General Jackson, tethered to a rusty ring at the back, whinnied a welcome.

I built a fire in the rusty cook stove and dried his duds and mine.