Shapeless [adjective]

Definition of Shapeless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Shapeless:

Sentence/Example of Shapeless:

The pious Llewelyn began his song from the rude and shapeless chaos.

A sound now invaded his ear, from the shapeless rocks behind him.

Vague, shapeless hints at projects rose in his brain as he looked at her.

I felt that she was possessed by some shapeless dread which robbed her of all self-control.

The figures of the others were almost obliterated and shapeless.

When would the shapeless form that was inside the coffin let us go?

The pale stare of the heights of ice at that red and shapeless disc was shocking.

His clothing was shapeless and torn, his head and face thick with hair.

From her gleaming neck down to the ground was dank, shapeless form.

I am too impulsive, too unrestrained, too shapeless in mind.