Proportioned [adjective]

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The permanence of industry in any state must be proportioned to the certainty of its reward.

If one appears wise 'tis but because his folly is proportioned to his age and fortune.

Any object may be proportioned out (literally, measured) in a similar way.

If the dumplins are small, three quarters of an hour will boil them; if large, the time must be proportioned to their size.

As this is an astringent, the doses must be proportioned accordingly, and the mixture is wholesome only while it remains sweet.

The price of these indulgences is proportioned to the rank of the purchaser.

Miss Amabel took on an added dignity, proportioned to the discomfort of her task.

He renewed his recommendations of measures of defense "proportioned to the danger."

His enjoyment of it will be proportioned to the extent to which it is his own creation.

Let it not be said that direct taxation is to be proportioned to representation.