Elegant [adjective]

Definition of Elegant:

beautiful, tasteful

Opposite/Antonyms of Elegant:

Sentence/Example of Elegant:

For me, it doesn’t get much more elegant than being able to get a total-body workout with one tool.

The new method skirts the traditional mathematical slog by directly computing “intersection numbers,” which some hope could eventually lead to a more elegant description of the subatomic world.

He had been strolling, too, when he had lost track of his surroundings and strayed into a neighborhood of elegant columned houses.

In recent decades it has taken on a more elegant guise, first with physical robots in production plants, and more recently with software automation entering most offices.

It will be populated by elegant, minimalist 3D-printed smart homes called Minka houses, created by noted geriatrician Bill Thomas.

Maynard’s proof for large bases was “very elegant,” Granville said.

But it greatly equalizes and strengthens the fingers, and makes your execution smooth and elegant.

Mrs. Pell was a very elegant and accomplished woman; her manners were the theme of universal admiration in our neighbourhood.

Neither are there any terraces and verandahs adorned with elegant trellis-work and flowers, as there are in other warm countries.

He knew that this elegant city, resplendent and glorious in the sheen of the setting sun, would soon be a living hell.