Exquisite [adjective]

Definition of Exquisite:

beautiful, excellent, finely detailed

Opposite/Antonyms of Exquisite:

Sentence/Example of Exquisite:

Han builds the tension in this story slowly, but he builds it with exquisite care, and it’s entirely worth the investment.

I craved the kind of exquisite views and deep solitude that only come from schlepping your stuff deep into the backcountry.

He’s been making sushi for a long time in his small, exquisite restaurant, which is inside a subway station in Tokyo.

On the brand’s page, you will find exquisite user-generated travel images from all parts of the world, inspiring its potential and loyal customers.

Still, the device represents a promising proof-of-concept that suggests that we may soon be able to replicate and even better one of nature’s most exquisite designs.

At the same time he realised that she had never seemed so adorably lovely, so exquisite, so out of his reach.

While the refined exquisite was giving his order, a jolly western drover had listened with opened mouth and protruding eyes.

He saw Lettice and his cousin helping towards this exquisite deliverance somehow.

Her exquisite, frail beauty held a strength that mocked the worship in his eyes and voice.

The sides generally rather shallow, heads of exquisite form and well defined.