Inelegant [adjective]

Definition of Inelegant:

clumsy, crude

Synonyms of Inelegant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inelegant:

Sentence/Example of Inelegant:

That leaves us with “pandemic,” an inelegant word that’s probably hard to rhyme.

Duffer is most inelegant (this from Julie in an assumption of stern reproach); I do not see wherever you picked up such a word.

This inelegant jeu de theatre is severely ridiculed in the "Rehearsal."

Did you have a recollection at the time, at least—that is an inelegant question.

The use of tre for aller when followed by an infinitive is inelegant, though the construction is sometimes used by good writers.

It is easy to read in this illustration the parable of death destroying a fruitful vine, and as a picture it is not inelegant.

The local chronicler is much perplexed by another somewhat inelegant Aberdeenshire witticism—“Gang to Birse and bottle skate.”

At first glance, such things seem rather disagreeable, common, and inelegant.

I believe the composition of the dedication will be esteemed very prudent, and not inelegant.

Returning to the living-room, they sprawled in those inelegant attitudes that tired laborers assume.