Gauche [adjective]

Definition of Gauche:

tactless, unsophisticated

Synonyms of Gauche:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauche:

Sentence/Example of Gauche:

He came forward with a gauche gallantry, and offered his arm to Horatia.

I do not know of a more insidious temptation to buy what you do not need than loitering along the quais of the Rive Gauche.

The Main-gauche is also of the dagger order, but has a broad knuckle-guard and long straight quillons.

Le membre infrieur gauche, d'abord engourdi sa partie suprieure, prsenta aussi de la raideur.

My eyes glanced around to see the effect produced on my friends by my gauche cousin.

Mr. Ionides says that once, on the rive gauche, they met Murger, and Whistler introduced him.

He felt awkward, gauche, tongue-tied, hot and cold by turns.

Je ne vois pas des ruines autant que j'en voudrais: elles sont ramasses l-bas, sur ma gauche, aux environs du Forum.

L'horizon fuit gauche des distances infinies; la plaine est nue, onduleuse et bleue comme la mer.

But to be gauche is merely to be awkward and clumsy; while to be right is something far higher and more important.