Green [adjective]

Definition of Green:

young, new, blooming

Synonyms of Green:

Opposite/Antonyms of Green:

Sentence/Example of Green:

The automaker may also benefit from surging investor appetite for green bonds—particularly from new issuers—which helped Daimler and Germany price recent debut sales at a discount to traditional offerings.

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I could see a greener, gaunter me on this one cruising to Burning Man with one of those helmet Mohawks.

It’s not secret—enterprise startups have somehow become sexier than consumer-facing ones in recent years—at least when counting the green.

He’d told many of his plans and even cited an earlier report from the National Academies as his ethical green light.

The demand for cheaper, greener electricity means that the energy landscape is changing faster than at any other point in history.

When Jun Yao started a new job, this electrical engineer wasn’t looking to create a “green” source of power.

Without warning, California gave San Diego the green light to reopen indoor activities at restaurants, salons, gyms, churches and other places of business at limited capacity Monday.

This means it’s always been better to be on multiple platforms or, as Green suggested, find a way not to rely so much on huge companies and their algorithms to tether you to your audience.