Youthful [adjective]

Definition of Youthful:

new, immature

Synonyms of Youthful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Youthful:

Sentence/Example of Youthful:

Never had her youthful freshness so appealed to her brother.

He was thinking, with bitterness, of his own youthful indiscretions.

A feeling of sorrow and pity came over the youthful Perseus.

James Osborne, the youthful cashier, feigned complete paralysis.

It was, indeed, just the spot to captivate a youthful and susceptible fancy.

He was, however, anticipated by the voice of the ingenuous and youthful Alice.

The youthful soldier may be nervous and excited, or he may be calm.

There was yet enough light for him to see that the face was youthful, eager and handsome.

Flora put her hand tenderly on his, and gave him another of the youthful glances.

He was at that time slender, nimble, and full of youthful ardour.