Tender [adjective]

Definition of Tender:

fragile, soft

Synonyms of Tender:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tender:

Sentence/Example of Tender:

He is so very young and reverent and tender, and in a way so unsophisticated.

But it is impossible, say some, that he should make a tender or kind husband.

She joined in his laugh albeit, there was a tender look in her eyes.

When they are tender, remove them from the fire and drain off the water.

When tender, drain them, remove the skins, and dice the beets.

How should salt be used in the cooking of: (a) tender vegetables?

It revealed surely a tender heart, one responsive to a pure love.

How clear and how tender—simple, and yet so full of thought!

Sidney, as tender as ever, had lost a little of the radiance from her eyes; her voice had deepened.

The tender words broke down the last barrier of her self-control.