Unfeeling [adjective]

Definition of Unfeeling:

hard-hearted, numb

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfeeling:

Sentence/Example of Unfeeling:

He is not so ungenerous a man as you think him: nor has he an unfeeling heart.

I am better there, it is unfeeling in me to be here, when I can do the least thing there.

He was by no means an unfeeling man, but he had his duty to do.

Of course it would be indelicate, if not unfeeling, to ask her about it.

And you are unfeeling, besides, for you remind me that I am very hungry.

"They say that I am hard, bloodthirsty and unfeeling," he said in tones that were almost of complaint.

And the son had been just the harsh, unfeeling offspring that might be looked for from such a union.

He was kind-hearted and affectionate; but Donna Gaetana was all that was cruel and unfeeling.

They seemed so unfeeling, too, and so heartless at such a moment.

He is a cold, harsh, unfeeling fellow, distrustful and false.