Churlish [adjective]

Definition of Churlish:

crude, boorish

Synonyms of Churlish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Churlish:

Sentence/Example of Churlish:

With a churlish gesture the old man pushed the bread over toward her and with hesitating, trembling fingers she reached for it.

The lover has no share in this churlish anger: his heart is not capable of offending you.

It seemed churlish, too, not to join in the chorus; and by and by the whole meeting was singing with a will.

He was stirred to stinging invective of the churlish priest of Saint-Sulpice, who denied her church-burial.

A finer weapon wherewith to strike at a churlish world was never given into the hands of man.

This churlish, inhospitable manner made Lindsley many enemies in a land in which one can not afford to have enemies.

He closed the lids on them, and gave a sort of churlish smile immediately afterward.

But the villagers still held aloof, although the newcomer did his best to overcome their churlish doubts.

To each Mr. Ferrars had to expound his political views, and to receive from each a cordial assurance of a churlish criticism.

Sharp are the eyes of Hagal's thrall-wench; of no churlish race is she who at the mill stands.