Unmannerly [adjective]

Definition of Unmannerly:

without good manners

Synonyms of Unmannerly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmannerly:

Sentence/Example of Unmannerly:

“He always was an unmannerly cub,” said Master Headley, as he read the letter.

You are the most unmannerly fellow I ever convers'd with, 'pan hanor.

Out on you for an unmannerly cur to break upon a gentleman's repose.

It sounded brusque and unmannerly, but it was the only remark that occurred to her.

She did not deem it impudent or unmannerly for a slave to look her in the face.

I do think you are all the rudest, most unmannerly creatures!

The interruption was so unmannerly that John stared from one to another of the group.

If I throw bread pellets at the girls, they will call me unmannerly.

Arrah, now, you unmannerly brutes, just behave properly to a gentleman!

Some of them were just as unmannerly and ill-bred as he was.