Discourteous [adjective]

Definition of Discourteous:

rude, impolite

Synonyms of Discourteous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discourteous:

Sentence/Example of Discourteous:

It was a dismissal, immediate, discourteous, on the grounds that she was quite unequal to fill the position of prima donna.

I cannot believe that you can be so deliberately and intentionally discourteous.

Her manner was not discourteous, but her voice was forbidding.

The doorkeeper answered in a very discourteous way that it was none of his business where the senators were.

I never was cheated, or in any way "let in," by a Chinaman, and never found him discourteous or disobliging.

She was neither unkind nor discourteous, but she treated him exactly as one would treat a hired man.

I was in no mood to resent this invitation, discourteous as it was, for I was in no mood to resent anything.

Just so;—though I should not have chosen myself to use words so abruptly discourteous.

He had therefore to put up with general distrust and brief discourteous replies.

Then Percival said: "Well, it would seem that I have put an end to a terribly discourteous knight to ladies."