Contumelious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Contumelious:

You know how you feel at the iron gripe of ruthless oppression: you know how you bear the galling sneer of contumelious greatness.

Thither Mrs. Lathom's housewife eyes were led, and she drew it aside with a contumelious finger.

A thirst for vengeance, after all they had endured at the hands of the contumelious foe, carried them away.

Thou art very contumelious, and deservest to be rolled in the kennel.

Usage the most contumelious she had hitherto borne with silent indignation.

I am very much offended at his scandalizing words and contumelious obloquy.

This is one reason why the empty critic is usually contumelious and flippant, the competent one as generally equitable and humane.

I weep and cry out, I have been a most contumelious offender.

She turned the combs and brushes over with a contumelious hand.

Who now hath plumbed the depths of a contumelious paronomasia?