Humiliating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Humiliating:

Nikola Motor, a would-be Tesla rival that has faced a string of humiliating disasters since entering public markets just over six months ago, announced another one this morning.

Once, the noise was so disruptive to the class that the instructor told Varahn to mute herself, which she found humiliating.

Russia was also elected, running unopposed and winning 158 votes after failing in its 2016 bid, but Saudi Arabia failed to make the cut-off in what’s seen as a humiliating blow to the kingdom’s attempts to brush up its image.

How she hid the humiliating pictures and videos of him masturbating from her boyfriend and young son.

As much as China would like to forget its humiliating colonial history, when its territory was carved up by powerful countries, it appears to have no issue with dusting off colonial-era laws to crack down on present-day dissent.

She checked these useless inquiries; they gave rise to painful and humiliating conjectures.

She felt indignant and degraded, and was exceedingly impatient to escape from the humiliating visit.

It is a humiliating circumstance that thus evens us with printers!

But in single-handed boat sailing this humiliating sense of dependence and inferiority disappears.

Somewhat confused by this humiliating avowal, Madame Bodard returned to her place at a faro-table.