Pert [adjective]

Definition of Pert:

lively, bold

Synonyms of Pert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pert:

Sentence/Example of Pert:

Does that (pert cousin) make it out that he does not love you?

"Our lawyer is foreclosing," whispered a pert young damsel in Greta's ear.

"I carry in it goods of price, which I'll not see riddled to please a pert boy," he said.

Do my wishes count for nothing, that you send me pert answers by my woman?

Mary had been pert to her, and she was not prone to forgive.

He found a good meal awaiting him, and his wife on hand as pert as ever.

Or the pert way she holds her head, or the general excitement of the occasion.

"And it was the truth," said a pert, youthful, yet slightly affected voice.

That pert young Jenny had put his spirits down to his very toes.

It was the little man's pert but wholly inoffensive inquiry.