Dapper [adjective]

Definition of Dapper:

well-groomed, neat

Synonyms of Dapper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dapper:

Sentence/Example of Dapper:

Despite its lofty price tag and its dapper appearance, the 907X is fun—it feels considerably less formal than its film-based predecessors while turning out extremely high-quality images.

I look forward to the end of the pandemic for a number of reasons, and on that list is to be able to go out again and get my dapper on.

This was the house-physician, who was to take charge of the case; a young man, handsome and rather dapper.

But here was the editor himself—not merely his photograph: a little man, clad in evening dress, very neat and dapper.

There was Mary, as sweet and beautiful as ever; Mrs. Nast, calm and composed: Doug serene and dapper.

Dr. Rude was a small man, dapper, totally unlike a research chemist, and his speech and manner were as impeccable as his dress.

They took in the dapper Britisher as if he had been a natural history specimen.

Tarling was haggard and weary, in contrast to the dapper inspector of police.

"Gentlemen all," said Stephen, with dapper modesty; and acted as if no excitement were current, and he had nothing to tell.

I accepted his advice, and determined to wait upon the dapper deacon.